Just moved this site to a new server which has probably broken it a bit. If you have any issues with the site please email info@tesoro.com.au and I will sort it out. Thanks.

News: 11/2/2017.

Pricing is finally coming through for Tesoro detectors and the shop here will be open soon. Feel free to contact via info@tesoro.com.au if you have a question, but hopefully it won’t be long- Shaun.

News: 31/1/2015.

Wayne and Wendy from http://goldhunterdetectors.com.au/ are now the Australian distributors for Tesoro. They are setting up a dealer network and hopefully Tesoro detectors will be available throughout Australia. I can’t wait to start posting good news stories on this site so we can get over the last 6 months.

It looks like Tesoro pricing is going up again as the AU$ collapses but they are still excellent value for money.

News: 16/1/2015.

Tesoro are starting to respond to queries after a post on the Findmall forum finally got their attention. Allan Cannon from Tesoro has answered a query via support@tesoro.com and has offered:

I  want to apologize to all our dealers and customers in Australia and insure you that we are working on this situation and hope to resolve this matter as quickly as we can. We just need some time and I want to thank every one for their patience and  understanding to this matter.

If you or any one else has any questions or if I can be of furthermore help and service to you, then please do not hesitate to contact me.


So hopefully it won’t be too long until there is some way of buying Tesoro in Australia and they will be very careful with the distributor. Fingers crossed we get a local way of dealing with warranty so that the gold standard Tesoro life time warranty is actually worth something outside of the US.

News: 24/12/2015.

Tesoro do not currently have a distributor for Australia after the last distributor folded. This means there is no official way to buy new Tesoro products in Australia. Hopefully it won’t be too long until this is all sorted out.

News: 26/10/2015.

There are ongoing issues with the Tesoro supply chain in Australia. I am not involved with the distributor in any way, but feel free to contact me (Shaun) on 0433164587 or info@tesoro.com.au and I will see what I can do to help.

News: 26/8/2015.

Australian Tesoro prices are increasing and there are currently supply issues. I have taken down the online store until I know for sure that detectors are available for a decent price.

This is an Australian Tesoro metal detector fan site. I am not connected with Tesoro in anyway. I picked up this domain with the intention of retailing Tesoro in Australia and helping the Tesoro user community as much as possible, but recently there have been supply issues and I closed down the retail side. Hopefully one day Tesoro will once again be easily available in Australia and for a realistic price- fingers crossed. Until then, I will work out how best to use this domain to benefit Australian Tesoro users somehow, cheers.

I am in Adelaide if you want to get together sometime for a hunt, and am always happy to pass on what knowledge I have.